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Dick Tracy Must Die review

That's right guys, it's a review that's longer than 5 words! "Why?" I pretend to hear you ask. Well, solarbird is having a "review raffle", which means that I review an album and possibly win a free copy of it. I rather like the album in question, so yeah, review.

Dick Tracy Must Die by Crime and the Forces of Evil is one of the most unique things I've heard. The band's website describes it as "rage-driven acoustic elfmetal" and indeed, it sounds like a couple of elven bards decided to take their frustrations out on their instruments and it is awesome!

Other than that, I could say a lot of things about this album, I could talk about how awesome the drums sound, I could talk about how cool the very idea of mandolin thrash metal is, I could talk about how beautiful Let Me Help is or how creepy Artefacts You'll Never See is (even though I still don't know what it's about), but I'm not going to do any of that. Instead, I'm just going to say this: Dick Tracy Must Die rocks like some sort of big rocking thing that rocks. So stop reading this review and go listen to the album.

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